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From June 23 to June 30, the Yuncheng Municipal Committee of the Democratic National Construction Association organized 29 members of the municipal party committee, representatives of entrepreneur members, some municipal party committee members, branch chairmen, and backbone members to go to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Quanzhou and other places to carry out research and study on themes such as enterprise scientific and technological innovation, digital economy, business environment, enterprise management, construction of civil construction organizations, participation in and discussion of state affairs, and construction of member homes. The research team investigated all the way and broadened their horizons. Learning all the way, absorbing nutrition all the way; Thinking all the way, deeply enlightened all the way. From today on, the experience of the members of the research team will be pushed one after another for further exchange and study.

Liu Hongqiang, member of China Democratic National Construction Association and general manager of Shanxi Collier Biology Co., Ltd:

1. should create a "learning and innovative" enterprise. Improving the quality of employees and cultivating talents is an important way to enhance the core competitiveness of an enterprise, and it is an important topic related to the strategic development of the enterprise. Peter Drucker, a management master, once wrote: "employees are assets and resources, not costs and expenses." What he emphasizes is the value of people, so treating employees as resources or costs reflects the strategic vision and values of managers. Numerous facts have proved that any enterprise with strong comprehensive strength and competitiveness is certainly a successful enterprise. Secondly, it is necessary to establish an effective reward system to encourage technological innovation and technological reform of employees and fully mobilize their enthusiasm for work.

2. timely and accurate grasp of national industrial policies. In the face of market competition, a single production enterprise has both advantages and risks. It correctly grasps policies and opportunities, continuously expands the scope of production and operation, diversifies enterprise production, rationally utilizes local superior resources, and gradually penetrates into other industries, so that enterprises have Stronger ability to resist risks.

3. increase the introduction of high and new technology. The wide application of high-tech science and technology has greatly reduced the input of enterprise manpower, which can not only improve productivity, but also effectively improve the safety production coefficient for some high-risk working faces. After all, safety is the greatest benefit of the enterprise and the most direct expression of humanized production. Especially for our chemical enterprises, safety production is the top priority in our work. At present, we will continue to increase the introduction of high-tech technology and empower the development of enterprises.

Li Liusuo, member of Civil Construction and general manager of Yuncheng Tongming Furniture Company:

1. build a good position of corporate culture. The size and industry of the enterprise are different, but the entrepreneurial spirit is interlinked, and the management ideas are interlinked. The corporate culture of Shengbang is very worthy of thinking about the enterprise. "Life is all about life, and work is a part of life." The home is fundamental! Establish a good cultural position, use the party's ideology as a command, and ideological education runs through work and life. Establish work is a part of life, establish and improve the staff's living dormitory, activity center and other places, so that employees consciously produce care and love for the enterprise.

2. work hard to extend the industrial chain and expand sales channels. To constantly adjust marketing, production ideas. It not only participates in the competition of the general conventional market, but also challenges the competition of the international high-end market. Accumulate experience in the industry, have the energy to extend to related industries, complete the sales market and production and supply of the whole industry, form a monopoly closed loop, and become the industry's first phalanx and leading enterprise. Timely expand related industry products.

Huang Jiaxing, member of China Democratic National Construction Association and chairman of Jishan Hedong Coal Coke Co., Ltd:

1. increase the introduction and training of talents. These companies attach great importance to the introduction and training of talents. They actively establish their own training mechanisms and training bases, attach importance to the professional quality and ability training of employees, pay attention to the inspection of comprehensive quality in talent selection, and provide good career development space and benefits. And pay attention to attracting and retaining high-quality employees, and jointly cultivate talents and carry out research through school-enterprise cooperation.

2. strengthen cooperation and openness. Enterprises in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Fujian generally advocate the spirit of cooperation and openness. They have established close cooperative relations with suppliers, customers and other peculiar things to jointly promote the development of the industry. Among them, the most representative is in Quanzhou Jiali Children's Products Co., Ltd., they are not afraid to share experience with their peers, and often exchange practices with peers. Through these exchanges and cooperation, the products produced are more suitable for market demand, plus brand Building and marketing have continuously improved the brand image and market share, and realized the industry's forward development.

3. create a good business environment. Not only marvel at the high-quality development of enterprises, but also marvel at the excellent business environment created by the government. The government is no longer fines and suspension of business, but scientific guidance to truly harmonize enterprises and the government. A harmonious business environment ensures the high-quality development of enterprises, and a good business environment is like a fertile soil, attracting a variety of enterprises to come and operate. The diversity of enterprises and the development of industrial chains ensure the financial and taxation of local governments and the development of local economy. In my opinion, this is the area where our Yuncheng area and even Shanxi area need improvement most.

Ma Xiaobo, General Manager of Yuncheng Jiahe Lianchuang Travel Company:

1. innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprises. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. It is necessary to abandon opportunistic thinking and continue to become stronger and more refined in this industry. Focus on the future and use ideas to drive product innovation. Shengbang Group has developed from a traditional township enterprise to today's large-scale modern enterprise, and it has always been a sense of innovation. With innovation to drive products, expand the market! Only by sinking down to make products, constantly upgrading products and innovating products according to the changes of market and demand, can enterprises keep up with the pace of the times, make enterprises stronger and bigger, and the pragmatic spirit will never be out of date.

2. should have an international vision and a pioneering spirit. Mr. Chen of Quanzhou Jiali Children's Products Co., Ltd. started from selling clothing and has developed into the international trade of children's toys. Her growth requires not only a spirit of learning and innovation, but also an international vision and pioneering spirit. International vision, pioneering spirit is scarce entrepreneurs! Successful companies have something in common.

Gao Juntao, member of China Democratic National Construction Association and chairman of Shanxi Hengzhao Construction Co., Ltd:

1. entrepreneurs generally have a high degree of political standing and love for the party and patriotism, which is worth learning. When communicating with the relevant persons in charge of large-scale civil construction member companies such as Wenzhou Shengbang Group, Haitian Seiko, NetEase, and Seven Wolves, the most common sentence they said was "If private enterprises want to develop and grow, they must understand politics and put politics in the first place." "Political economy, politics before economy." I was deeply shocked by these simple words. The party building exhibition hall of Shengbang Group has refreshed my understanding of the party building exhibition hall. From plane to three-dimensional, from touch to feel integrated, the modern and high-tech party building exhibition makes people feel immersive and empathize, which is worthy of being the first-class in the country.

2. pro-Qing political and business relations and a good business environment are worth learning. The leading cadres of Zhejiang, Shanghai and Fujian can be regarded as a national model in sincerely caring for and serving private enterprises and building pro Qing political and business relations, creating a good business environment and attracting a large number of high-tech enterprises. Premier Li Qiang mentioned that the "four thousand spirits" of traveling through thousands of mountains and rivers, saying thousands of words, trying to do everything possible, and enduring hardships are carried forward here. At the Jinjiang Experience Hall, General Secretary Xi Jinping asked entrepreneurs to "dare to fight, dare to break, dare to work, and dare to win" entrepreneurial spirit. "Love to fight to win, together to the future!". In such a good business environment, enterprises operating in good faith will become bigger and stronger.

3. pragmatic, honest, practical and practical business philosophy is worth learning. Through intelligent and scientific and technological upgrading, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Fujian enterprises use robots to replace manpower, reduce costs and increase market competitiveness, which is closely related to their pragmatic, honest, down-to-earth and practical business philosophy. They think that being an enterprise is not "big and strong", but only "small and beautiful" business philosophy makes me refreshing and impressed. According to our own strength, we should make the enterprise more refined and stronger, from "small and beautiful" to "big and strong", from quantitative change to qualitative change, so as to lead the enterprise to go further and deeper.

Zhang Guohua, member of China Democratic National Construction Association and deputy general manager of Yuncheng Youth Travel International Travel Agency:

1. learn the spirit of Zhejiang businessmen. After the reform and opening up, Zhejiang businessmen can become the trendsetters in the new era because they have the spirit of diligence and pragmatism, the courage to open up, tolerance and openness, thinking about change and innovation, and abiding by their commitments. In particular, they do not hesitate to strive for self-improvement, group development, win-win cooperation rather than mutual exclusion, which is most worthy of our mainland entrepreneurs to learn from. In the corporate culture of Ningbo Shengwei Group, there is a saying "everyone pays, everyone earns money, plays together, and wins together". It is precisely because of this corporate culture and business philosophy that Shengwei Group is now one of the industry leaders in the global security field. One, branches and major manufacturing bases at home and abroad are distributed in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East and other places, with more than 10 internationally renowned security brands such as SAFEWELL, the products sell well in more than 110 countries and regions around the world, and form strong strategic cooperation with the world's top 500 enterprises and industry giants.

2. to love to fight, dare to fight, fight! In Quanzhou, Fujian, we visited and investigated Seven Wolves Company, Jiali Children's Products Company and Jinjiang Experience Hall. Jinjiang people love to fight, not only dare to fight, but also very good at fighting! This is the blood gene of the success of a group of entrepreneurs in Jinjiang, Quanzhou. The bus driver who serves us is from Anhui Province. He is warm, cheerful and helpful. He has lived in Jinjiang for more than 20 years. He tells us the story of Jinjiang from the perspective of a new Jinjiang person. He can feel that he has deeply fallen in love with the hot land of Jinjiang, Quanzhou. In Jinjiang, wherever we go, the people we see, and even the air can make you feel the Jinjiang spirit of "love to fight to win, and together to the future.

3. should have an international perspective and a sense of family and country. The coastal area of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Humin is the most economically developed place in my country. The private economy is active. There are many excellent high-tech enterprises and advanced manufacturing industries. In the survey, they can really feel that they are based on their unique location advantages, benchmarking internationally, and making full use of the country. Policies, keep up with the pulse of the times, continue to innovate and develop, and take on the responsibility of realizing the Chinese nation's prosperity. Our civil construction entrepreneurs can only take on the glorious mission entrusted by history if they have a family and a country in mind, broaden their horizons, improve their business level, do their job well, and run their companies and enterprises well.

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