Chen Yusheng: Anhai "play the second generation" to lead the industry's new "play"



Only focus, only professional; only professional, in order to win, in the challenge and breakthrough in the forward.

Chen Yusheng, Deputy Secretary General of Jinjiang Liulian

Only focus, only professional; only professional, in order to win, in the challenge and breakthrough in the forward.

  New environment, new life, new knowledge

Studying abroad is a unique experience for everyone. Every student will feel deeply in this process of growth. Chen Yusheng is no exception.

After graduating from Senior high school, Chen Yusheng went to Singapore to finish his preparatory course and found himself adapting to foreign teaching methods. After discussing with his family, Chen Yusheng went to Australia again and started his undergraduate to graduate studies. All the majors he chose were business. For international students who leave their familiar hometown and go to a foreign country, learning and living in an unfamiliar environment will encounter many challenges. In foreign countries, it is difficult to graduate without spending a lot of time on study. Chen Yusheng strictly requires himself, and "learning first" is the principle he always abides. He actively participated in the study of various science and business courses, gave himself a clear learning goal, and was diligent in thinking. No pains, no gains, Chen Yusheng's academic performance during school was very good.

Studying in Australia, Chen Yusheng gained a wealth of knowledge and life experience, and integrated the experience of studying abroad with his career development.

Thinking about change, innovation, breakthrough

In the Jinjiang toy industry, Jiali Toys is well-known. It is located in Jinjiang, the capital of Chinese brands, and is located in the Golden Triangle of southern Fujian. It is the world's top manufacturer of children's electric vehicles. It has cooperated with Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, etc. Many well-known car manufacturers have established stroller authorization partnerships.

Chen Yusheng grew up in his father's toy factory. He can get the latest stroller "car" every year. He has liked cars very much since he was a child. In 2013, Chen Yusheng graduated from the University of Melbourne and chose to go home and continue to build cars ". He became an assistant to the chairman of Quanzhou Jiali Children's Products Co., Ltd., mainly responsible for business and product development.

Chen Yusheng's character is completely different from his father's. His father's character is relatively straightforward, while Chen Yusheng is steady and restrained, and he does things and speaks in a reasonable manner. When I first came back, my father thought that he was afraid of his efficiency problems, because the factory was different from other factories. When problems occurred, they were not dealt with in time, and they would be afraid of a series of big reactions. Despite his worries, Chen Yusheng's father decided to let his son go to experience. In the year when he returned to China, Chen Yusheng plunged into the factory and started from the front line. The calm and keen character made this fledgling young man gradually feel the sense of crisis in management, and also have new ideas, and formulated three five-year plans for Jiali.


Cooperate with international automobile brands, obtain authorized production and sales rights, and improve the added value of products, corporate visibility and reputation.

  In the past five years, the company has signed the authorization of 18 world automobile brands, and the company has also obtained huge profits and popularity.


Establish a talent echelon, set up a research and development center, a sales data analysis center, and an overseas warehousing and logistics center in the United States, so that innovative products are closer to the market, and services go to the doorstep of customers. Through the qualification certification of various countries, human rights systems, anti-terrorism systems, etc., enter the supply chain list of top 500 enterprises.

  It has been completed ahead of schedule in 2019. In October 2019, it will start to receive large international orders vertically and directly distribute them to more than 4,000 local stores. In 2020, the tax payment will exceed 10 million.

It is worth noting that since the outbreak of the epidemic, it has had an impact on the global manufacturing supply chain, which has led to different enterprises facing different difficulties in order, raw materials, labor, capital and so on.

However, Jiali has been producing overseas orders for toys at full capacity. Orders have been stable and large orders have been received repeatedly. Chen Yusheng said that because the company's main customer base is the United States, and the use of large-scale business cooperation model, so during the outbreak was less affected. Factories are running at full capacity and production is in short supply.


Jiali company will play the role of "chain master" of leading toy enterprises, that is, around the industry leader as the center, around the integration of a number of high-quality supply chains, sharing resources, and common development. Jiali intends to plan a "Jiali Toy Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park" integrating manufacturing and innovative industries ". Only by making the toy industry chain better and stronger, and making the production links specialized and meticulous, can we improve the international competitiveness, drive the development of Jinjiang's toy industry, and contribute to the high-quality development of Jinjiang.

  At present, Anhai has more than 20 factories and Jiali to open orders to cooperate in production, 2021 tax more than 20 million.

Talking about the differences in development ideas and concepts with his parents, Chen Yusheng gave the word "slow". Communicate with customers and upgrade products; Grasp the supply chain and look for good resources... These tasks can be completed quickly in the eyes of outsiders, but they are "slow" here in Chen Yusheng. "I will spend more time alone to think about the whole project, do a lot of research, and then make judgments." Chen Yusheng said with a smile that he always moved forward at his own pace and was not surprised. For the future, Chen Yusheng also has a very clear plan, saying that Jiali will continue to cultivate overseas markets.

Enrich new strength, add new vitality

Since joining the Jinjiang Liulian, as the deputy secretary-general of the Jinjiang Liulian, Chen Yusheng has witnessed the development and growth of the association and praised the achievements of the association. He said that Jinjiang Liulian is a service-oriented and enabling association, which has built a bridge for members (enterprises) to connect resources. Scattering is all over the sky, gathering is a fire. Jinjiang Liulian is not a cold word, but a warm "home". In this "home", there are learning exchanges, win-win cooperation, and mutual sharing of resources... to promote common development.

Chen Yusheng also put forward his own opinions on how to promote the better development of Jinjiang Liulian. He hopes that the association will dare to explore and innovate, integrate resources, and display the charm of Jinjiang city in all directions and multiple dimensions. And hope that there will be a new generation and new forces to join, and more fresh blood will emerge, so that Jinjiang Liulian will be full of more vitality and motivation.

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