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Tritan Straw Cup

  • Commodity name: Tritan Straw Cup


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    • Commodity name: Tritan Straw Cup
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    • Tritan Straw Cup

Children's toys refer to products designed or reserved for children under the age of 14 to play with, processed, and used for sale; Except where the producer explicitly prohibits children from playing.
The main types of children's toys include: image toys, technical toys, puzzle and assembly toys, construction and structural toys, sports activity toys, music and sound toys, labor activity toys, decorative toys, and homemade toys. The general educational requirements for toys are: conducive to promoting the comprehensive development of young children's physical, moral, intellectual, and aesthetic abilities; Suitable for children's age characteristics, able to satisfy their curiosity, hyperactivity, and desire for exploratory activities; Beautiful in shape, reflecting the typical characteristics of things; Diverse activities help encourage learning; Compliant with hygiene requirements, non-toxic in color, easy to clean and disinfect; Meet safety requirements, etc.



Keywords: toys

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